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Warm Reviews from Tennessee-
"DUKES went very well...... 
great musicians and the audience loved 'em!"
Ron Jewell, Director
Bartlett PAC
Bartlett, TN
DUKES Aboard the Natchez for Spring Breakers DUKES performing for Yamaha 


Watch the ESPN Monday Night Game tonight 11/24 and you will get a chance to see the DUKES performing!


DUKES perform 2014 Jazz Fest


The DUKES performed at their 40th Jazz Fest. WWOZ did a live broadcast, and the N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival will be coming out with a Live Recording CD from the DUKES set last saturday. Keep an eye out for the CDs this coming weekend of Jazz Fest!

Kevin Clark while at the KW Dixieland Jazz Club in Waterloo Ontario

DUKES Front Cover of OffBEAT! April 2014 Edition!


DUKES of Dixieland Front Cover of OffBEAT! April 2014 Edition! (Click Image for Article!)